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Erin Valencia
Artist | Professional | Digital Art
United States
I had autism since birth and I have a mind of a 12 year old girl, but my spirit is more like a 21 year old woman, so pretty much I am as normal as I can be. However, it doesn't mean that I am super smart because I cannot do well in English class, but I am a Math, computer, and an art type person, but still not super smart but I am smart. Being an autistic person sucks to be honest and it's hard to get along with people who accepts you. I started to be more accepted with people since high school and I still am today. My dream is to join Nintendo and help them make their classic games to stay alive, even making new games can still have the taste of the classics. Ya can't beat the good old classic style of Nintendo, but we gotta move on too, you know what I mean? I have been to DA since March 22, 2007 and I am so happy here. In fact, happier than FurAffinity anyway.

I do critique people, but it doesn't mean that it sucks, okay? I had people getting very upset about it and it's not negative but people are not liking it, so if you don't like my saying about your art then do not yell, snap, or anything crap okay? Just say, "thank you" or something and if you do happen to listen to me whether you pretend to do or not, and you did a great job then that's good, but don't forget to give credit to those who actually cared about you and your art. Unless you're one of those people who are literally ungrateful and listened to only those you favorite the most then you might as well leave this place because it's your problem, not mine or others. So I'll give you advices and stuff so I'll be doing as best as I can to make you happy and make your art better.

In today's world is going bad like an expired milk, and I am talking about people raping, killing, and beating innocent people, especially on women and children, so I am thinking on going lesbian because I fear that if I go out with a wrong man, it may cost my life and plus I had men in college asking for my number, harassed me, and most of them are trouble makers, while few others are very very very weird, and it doesn't matter whether they are disabled or not, it matters what parents do about it whether if they give a shit or not about the world. I do support LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender), the rights, and stuff. Once again, if you don't like it, you have talked or look at the wrong woman to be with.

I am a positive type woman and even if I get mad or upset, I'll get right at it and say something to make you guys feel better. Once again, I had experience people but only very few that actually don't listen to me which is why he/she lost their friendship with me, so if you are one of them, leave. Still here? Good! When I talk to people when they are upset or sad, or angry, I talk to them calmly and let them know that it's going to be okay, you will survive, and stay positive. Just think about good news for you and your family and friends and things will go right. Just stay positive. I had to a lot because in spring 2014, my dad nearly died of liver disease, but I stayed positive and he lived on May 16, which it's on my birthday. Before that, I had a lot of tight crisis with finances, family issues, and all that stuff. But in the end, me and my family pulled it through. So stay positive and you'll be okay. Trust me.

I love to hang out with people that will talk about any random stuff other than what we are interested in. I love Asians because they take care of themselves, their culture inspires me, and they are very creative in real life and in fantasy island. I've tried their food and a lot of them are very good, even though the looks and the names sounds funny or unpleasant. I'm not racist, don't worry, I love being with different people because I treat them like if they are my family. Anyone who constantly talks about the same subjects will irritate me. Anyone who wants to play games with me, even I don't see anyone in person is cool, but the Chat Mode is mostly offline due to safety so please don't ask me about the Chat stuff unless you promise not to ask any stupid questions.

Best budz:

Jeff Shepard Jr., Kylee Valencia, Jeff Nutt, Debbie Nutt, Iris

Meghan, Liz, Joey, Lonnie, Ali Cameron, The Samm

I'm not religious, but that don't mean I don't believe in God. I believe in aliens, spirits, you name it. One thing I don't believe in is bad luck or negative stuff. They can make me irritated or upset very easily, so don't give me any kind of religious crap about what the Bible says because I am sure that some of them are not true what God really says. I am only here to give out opinions and we both have to respect our opinions and even if you don't like it, keep it to yourself, please.

My specialty kind of art is drawing aliens or Science Fiction in paper and pencil but I do like to make them as cool as possible in digital. However, I don't just draw aliens, I do draw fan art by Nintendo, Disney, from anime, etc. Now I don't like drawing that's made by Americans, even though I'm an American, but I will draw American characters in my own art style which we both have to respect that and I do have rules and penalties for that. Please stay in my good side.

I draw my very first Original Character on my left side of my profile (Galaxia Lightyear) in July 2000. That's a long time ago, huh? I have more OCs but I'll be doing other stuff too, so please feel free to look around. ^_^

I appreciate for looking at my profile; if you have any questions, feel free to ask: or or
Send me a Note.

:bulletpink:Colors! Account: *Lylatroid*

Nintendo 3DS: 3093-8441-2419
Nintendo Network ID: Lylatroid

All Friend Request on Wii U AND 3DS are now Full! However, you are still able to Follow.

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In 2003-2005, I first traveled in Pokemon starting with Jhoto then in Kanto, but then soon I entered Hoenn. I once again met with Ash and Pikachu and they were both happy to see me. Ash said that I looked a lot better than I was when Pikachu rescued me. I somehow didn't remember and Ash realized it. Then I traveled with him for a while. One day, I entered Lilycove Town with Ash and we were going to rest up for a bit, I decided to go shopping with May and we had fun; but when we got out of the store, I saw a strange creature. Nearly 7 feet tall, long white hair and blood red eyes. It creeped me out not only he was strong, but he looks evil. I asked May to see if we can return back to Ash, then May noticed that I was getting scared. we headed back to the beach until I suddenly passed out. May started to scream and Ash and his friends came very quickly. Then Ash saw the creature and have Pikachu to attack him from coming toward us. He left out of sight then Brock picked me up to the Pokemon Center. I woke up and I shouted Ash's name. Ash told me about the creature and I told him that I can remember now. I started crying and I was sent back to Peach's Castle.

A week later, I traveled with Samus and then we encountered another clone but it wasn't the one from Lilycove, but looks similar to Samus. i was getting scared and Samus told me to get back to the ship and I did. Later on, I was heading toward the temple and Samus saw me again. She wanted to know why I exit out of her ship and I told her that I was getting worried. This time, Samus told me to stay with the bug aliens called the Luminoth, so I did and this time, I remained at the temple until she was done. While she was out on her adventures, the Luminoths had a quest for me too, so went off to a quest on my own and soon I came back in time before Samus did, but Samus got the message already about me, so she didn't get mad at me.

A month after, I got a message from Fox and requested me to join his mission against Andrew Oikonny and I took the mission. As we were about to arrest him for the crime he committed, he was suddenly shot down by a strange life form called Aparoids. They looked scary but we resumed battling against one but after we killed one we saw hundreds of them flying up in the sky and we escaped. Soon after, Sauria and Corneria was under attack and the city was completely gone because of the bugs. After Fox took care of the radar problems, he didn't noticed that I was captured by the Aparoids and vanished into thin air. Later on, Fox and his team went off to Aparoid's home planet and took care of the queen and destroyed the infested planet. I was set free and yet unconscious. I woke up later on with Peppy and Pepper at the hospital and the good news is that I wasn't hurt, but I felt weak so I rest up until I was better again. Eventually, I recovered and went on my way to my own business with my check.

2006 came so quickly, and I was about to head on to college. that's when I got a message from Peach. She is notifying to me that I am now certified as a citizen of the World of Nintendo. I registered myself and I got my new place to stay and I got a chance to hang out with a new people called Mii. I am one of them and I was so happy. However, I got so busy at the college, I hadn't realized that I haven't seen my friends in days, then weeks, then month, and soon years.

In 2008, I was watching the challenge between Mario and Kirby. I was so excited, I was wishing that I would join someday, but us Miis are not violent enough to join. But then, Meta Knight's ship came and dropped of purple puffs like little dust bunnies and then formed into a humanoid like beings. Me and all the audience just watched the fighters fight off the enemies but then it just got worse, a mysterious being dropped off the bomb and we got so scared that we immediately exited out the stadium, but some of us including me got stuck and we got trapped inside the subspace. Few days later, I found Kirby alive and well, and he told me that all the fighters got defeated by some sort of a god like being. Then I was so worried that Fox and Samus might have come to this world and got hurt very badly. Soon after, we rescued every one of them, faced the being and everything got back to normal. However...soon after the battle...Fox suddenly disappeared...I have not heard of him since Brawl...

In 2009, Peach had told me that someone has contacted her and wanted to know about me, but I was too sad to care about my old friends then Peach told them that I am okay and safe at Nintendo. By the time my old friends came, I left home. Peach told my old friends that I fell in depression of my new friend's disappearance. My old friends got worried too, so they told her that if they see my friend, they'll bring him back. Even though they made a promise, I still have yet to see Fox...

2012, it's been years since I heard of Fox, then Peach told me that Fox just send in a letter. He says this:

"Dear Friends,
I am sorry to worry you, but the toll of my home galaxy is still hurt and I must do what I can to recover the system. I cannot allow my friends to enter any of the planets until it is safe enough to enter. Soon, I'll come by to Earth and see you guys again, but in a mean time, I will be remaining in Lylat and healing my people from the disaster. Once again, I apologize for worrying you guys. I felt really bad for not saying anything including good-byes. By the way, tell Lylatroid (Erin) that she cannot enter back to Disney. I was just informed that the monster from Lilycove has just comeback to look for her. Samus says that something must have gone wrong while she was away. We need to keep her safe for the sake of her life. Just like Lylat, do not return home until it is safe enough to return home. If that monster comes back, go to Samus. She'll protect you. I wish I could though...I'm sorry...but never give up! Trust your instincts! See you again, friends!"

- Fox McCloud

I did what Fox said to me. So I started training myself to defend myself.

2014, a year ago, Fox came back and joins again in Smash Bros. and he was very happy to see me and his friends. Plus we have heard that new fighters are coming. So Fox and I were sitting down for the meeting and the Peach announced that Palutena, Pac-Man, and the Miis?! I was shocked because I get to be part of Smash Bros. I got very excited. It was the best thing that could ever happen to me!

Today, July 7, 2015, I got a word from Peach once again that not only Samus mysteriously disappeared, but something or someone is coming to our time from the past to kill Fox. So I had to go back in time to save Star Fox. I believe that Andross is up to no good! Hold on Fox! I'll save you!
  • Mood: Cheerful
  • Listening to: SSB Soundtrack (Club Nintendo Gift)
  • Reading: Tutorials and Comics
  • Watching: Pokemon (It's the only show that is good)
  • Playing: Puzzles and Dragons (With Mario Edition)
  • Eating: Lean Cuisine
  • Drinking: Water


Some idiot called  me 'Weaboo,' on Miiverse while another idiot liked it but I report it.
I'm trying out Splatoon Global Tester!
I will be offline from here for a while. I'll see you guys whenever I go back but I'll still be doing Commissions and stuff to finish.
Who's ready to settle in Smash with Mewtwo? XD

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